This immersive experience for the visitor, provided by the structure and decorations, has been further enhanced by the installation of "virtual theater" that is partially closed on three sides of the atrium, with large screens on which they are projected videos of typical Tibetan landscapes, nomad tents, and monasteries. It was decided to create in the center a three-dimensional replica of the central chapel of the Jokhang temple in Lhasa, where it is kept the most revered and sacred statue of Tibet, the Jowo depicting Buddha. The installation in the central atrium of the museum includes a replica of the statue of Jowo made in Tibet, donated to the museum by a Tibetan lama and later inlaid with precious jewels and precious seeds cut and processed in Jaipur, India.   The installation for the main hall of the project consists of a space built in the central atrium surrounded by a balcony on three sides, in which six thematic galleries have been installed. The central atrium was designed as a gallery space with a theme dedicated to Tibetan architecture.

We would like to thank all the volunteer, from all around the world, to make our museum possible   

The MACO was set up inside the historic Chancellery Palace. We used the interior space of this 1700s Palace to explore the evolution of traditional Buddhist monastic architecture by creating a three-dimensional container for a journey of sensory experiences surrounding the visitor. The structure built in the central atrium around which the thematic galleries are arranged has been decorated by a team of Tibetan artists.

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MACO Arcidosso

Palazzo della Cancelleria

Piazza del Castello 1

Arcidosso (GR) Italia


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