The MACO since its inauguration works in synergy with local institutions in particular with schools of all levels. On the occasion of the inauguration, courses and workshops were organized for schools. The guided tours offer teachers and their students, various educational itineraries in order to raise awareness of oriental art and culture, the encounter between Western civilization and Eastern civilization, the adventurous journeys of the first daring explorers who reached the East   The MACO adopts a multiform and pleasant approach to museum educational programs consisting of the use of modern pedagogical techniques and methods such as guided explorations, narrations, dramatizations, the use of music and dance, new technologies and, artistic art workshops.

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The MACO Museum of Art and Culture of Arcidosso strongly believes that new technologies are an important means for museum education, and the involvement of the youngest, therefore the MACO has included multimedia paths using the latest generation of virtual reality. Visitors can virtually visit Tibetan monasteries, caves, and archaeological sites.


The virtual theater located in the center of the museum was designed by our artistic director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti in order to immerse the viewer inside the landscapes filmed specifically with three cameras in Tibet and China. Within the virtual theater, contemporary Tibetan dances are also projected, where the theater visitor can try to imitate the dancers.


The multimedia map located inside the MACO was created during a workshop with a numerically controlled milling machine, organized by the director Alex Siedlecki, with the aim of involving young people and the local community in the realization of the museum. On the map of Central Asia, educational itineraries are projected such as the various journeys undertaken in Asia by the Italian explorer Giuseppe Tucci


The MACO enthusiastically adheres to vocational school projects to contribute to student training. With the Balducci Economic Technical Institute of Santa Fiora (GR) the students carried out the E-MACO project which consists of the creation of an online auction to raise funds for the museum.


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