01/07/2017 - 20/09/2017 

LHASA AND BEYOND is a photographic exhibition that documents the 1948 expedition to Central Tibet, led by the great Italian orientalist and explorer Giuseppe Tucci, and documented in Tucci’s "To Lhasa and Beyond: Diary of the Expedition to Tibet in the Year 1948" published almost seventy years ago. The exhibit confronts the historical expedition photographs from 1948, by the Neapolitan photographer P.F. Mele, with new images of the same sites revisited in 2016, creating a temporal bridge between the past and the present, between a vanished world and one becoming.


The exhibition includes a multimedia narrative which recounts key moments of the 1948 Tucci expedition, projected onto a 3D relief map of Tibet.


The exhibition has been made possible by kind collaboration of the Annadora Anfuso Family Archive and the Völkerkunde Museum in Zurich, the custodian of the P.F. Mele photographic archive.

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